About Us

MacCauley Suffolks is based in Atglen, Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles east of Lancaster and 50 miles west of Philadelphia. We maintain a flock of approximately 325 Suffolk brood ewes and about 100 crossbred ewes that are used as ET recipients and wether dams. The ewes have been selected based on structural soundness, muscle expression, mothering and milking ability and longevity. All the ewes are kept on pasture alone from April through November – easy keeping is a must!

The initial flock traces back to the Lauden Acres flock we purchased in 1988. In recent years we have added select brood ewes from Bob Kimm, Tom and Val Slack, Pat Erstrom, and McLaughlin/Griffin Suffolks. We also added a large group of ewes from the Andrus flock in 2013. . The addition of several outstanding Slack rams: “Hammer” Slack 1226, “Slick Slack” Slack H9460 and Slack 2105, a “Hammer” son, has also advanced our flock significantly.

All of our Suffolks are shown and sold slick-shorn as we feel it is crucial to the improvement of the Suffolk breed.
The trend in the junior show circuit also dictates this direction for us.